New Generation Machine Vision Systems

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Determining the requirements correctly by analyzing application and user needs is the first step for reaching the best solution.


Most of the time, a problem has more than one solution, but finding the optimum solution in terms of both cost and performance in line with the requirements is the key to a successful work.


Solutions developed using the state of the art technologies with correct planning and resource management will offer users the best system experience.


Sustainability is ensured by support provided throughout the life cycle of the system.

Who are we?

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Specialized project team, Quality-oriented product development processes

ParanaVision was founded in Ankara in 2006. Since the day we were founded, we have been offering value-added and original solutions using image processing technologies, which are our field of expertise. We always aim to take technology one step further with innovative and tailored systems in different sectors, from defense industry to textile, from transportation to industrial production.

Our Quality Policy

  • Applying customer-oriented quality service and excellence principles; To ensure and increase the satisfaction of our customers with our product quality, technical support and after-sales services,
  • To increase our efficiency by working in mutual cooperation and trust with project partners,
  • Creating a participatory and open-to-change environment with all its employees,
  • Continuously improving all processes that affect the success of our company and the quality of our products,
  • To increase the individual contributions of our employees through continuous training,
  • To be a leading company in its sector in terms of technology and quality.



QPath - Mobile Industrial Inspection System


QPath AMR: Markerless navigation, static and dynamic obstacle avoidance

QPath AI: CUDA Based Intelligent Anomaly Detection. Highly customizable for specific industry needs.

QPath MT: Web based management tool. Software robots for automated e-mail alerts, work scheduling and report generation. Fleet management.

QPath VR: Remote field experience with mixed reality.

PVInspect - Printing Visual Control System

Minimize wastage, increase customer satisfaction and profits.

Prevent material, energy, time and labor losses by detecting errors during printing with PvINSPECT.

It can be applied to printing houses of all sizes. It can be customized according to different needs. It guarantees the quality requested by the customer without disrupting production and makes it possible to follow the production process in real time.

  • High performance on all kinds of printing materials (paper, metal, film, etc.)
  • max speed: 16m/sn
  • Adapting to changing speeds during printing
  • Real-time detection of errors down to 0.04 mm with widths up to 2500 mm
  • Colour, shape and pattern control
  • PDF verification
  • Production reporting and recording, process management with system reports
  • Special ultra-bright LED lighting

PVStok - Visual Warehouse Management System

Computer technology has become an important tool used in inventory management. Quick access to products in stock is provided mostly by using the barcode reading method. However, in the management of stocks of products such as fabric, visual data is important rather than product code/name and/or feature. Especially when it comes to fabric stock, it is necessary to find other products similar to the product sought in order to use the stock in the most effective way. It is common in fabric warehouses to label different rolls of the same fabric with different barcodes. Fabrics that cannot be put into use cause the idle stock to grow over time.

Quick response to the customer collection formed within short periods of time is possible with pvStok. The system not only finds the desired fabric from stock, but also lists the closest alternatives to the requested fabric in terms of color, pattern, texture and style. It identifies the same products that have entered the stock with different barcodes at different times and presents the total quantity accurately.

  • Analysis of color, pattern and texture properties of fabrics
  • Fabric style analysis
  • Identifying optimal alternatives when there is no one-to-one match
  • Scanning thousands of rolls of fabric in seconds
  • Time, cost, labor savings, high customer satisfaction
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PVCodec - Smart Video Codec


pvCODEC video sinyallerinin dijital video kayıt ve iletim sistemlerinde H.264 standardına uygun akıllı bir biçimde kodlanmasını sağlar.

Kodlayıcının akıllı olması, kodlama esnasında videoda bulunan ve önceden tanımlanmış objelerin (yüz, plaka, vb) otomatik olarak belirlenip, bu bölgelerin kodlama kalitesini arttırmasından kaynaklanmaktadır. Böylece verilen bir sabit saklama ortamı ya da iletim kanalı kapasitesi değiştirilmeden önemli bölgelerin daha kaliteli kodlanması mümkün olmaktadır.

Yüksek kalitede kodlanan önemli bölgeler şifreli olarak saklanabilir. Bu durumda sadece özel kod çözücüler gerekli şifreleri kullanarak önemli objeleri yüksek kalitede izlenebilir. Böylece video kayıt cihazlarının görüntülerdeki önemli bölgelerin bazıları ya da hepsi ayrıntılı olarak izlenmek istenirse farklı otoritelerin onayları gerekeceğinden kişisel verilerin gizliliği sağlanmış olur.

  • H.264 standardı
  • Önceden belirlenmiş objelerin (plaka, yüz, vb) otomatik tespiti ve kodlama kalitesi arttırımı
  • Yüksek kalitede kodlanmış önemli bölgeleri şifreli olarak saklama
  • 4.8 kbps bant genişliğine kadar video aktarımı
  • Özel tasarım yazılım-donanım bütünleşik gömülü sistem


Computer Vision

  • Object detection and tracking
  • Image analysis, control and super-resolution
  • 3D image analysis
  • Multi-spectrum image analysis (IR, UV, x-ray, vb.)
  • Image enhancement
  • Motion analysis and recognition
  • Biometri
  • Video coding and transmission

Industrial Automation

  • Audio and visual anomaly detection
  • Product and process quality control based on shape, color and texture
  • Optical test and measurement systems
  • Fault detection
  • Opto-mechanical design and manufacturing
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Image-based autonomous control systems
  • Artificial intelligence, continuously learning systems


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